About Us


A bond between a mother and a daughter is like no other. It is unexplainable what happens to your heart when you meet your little angel for the first time.Hormones and body changes are a whole other story.

All of a sudden nothing is about you anymore, And those jeans that used to fit and your favorite shirt all of a sudden shows off all of those parts that you do not want them to.

One thing I knew for sure that I felt good in all the time was new sheets….awwwe, atlast a nice comfy material against my skin. Its even King Size and it fits just right. But during the day my husbands oversized shirts are what was most comfortable. I actually started thinking I looked good in them lol.

Then I decided enough is enough. I don't want to stay in bed all day or wear my husbands clothes anymore to be comfortable. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. So the idea came to life….

Our mission is to bring affordable, beautiful clothing and accessories to women of all ages and sizes. Dear Skarlett Boutique specializes in comfortable and trendy looks that will not break the bank. Each item is handpicked by myself, and of course my assistant Skarlett.



Dear Skareltt Boputique is a women's online clothing store offering a large selection of Ladies fashions. Krista painstakingly searches the world to find unique short runs of clothing to offer to her clients across North America. Her clothing lines include womens tops, ladies bottoms, maxi dreses, formal dresses, Jeans and lace trimmed women's fashions her small exclusively selected items also include women's accessories, jewllery, handbags and purses oh and her favorite items such as women's jackets..